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    I cannot find the right inDesign tools to produce my bicycle map.


      I'm producing a MTB-trail map which has several different trails in the same area. In order to make a trail on top of the underlying map image, I have used the pen tool and left the path's open. I then disable fill color, choose a suitable stroke color and width in order to make the trail visible. This poses a problem. I now don't have the option to give the trail a black stroke since the stroke function has already been used to generate the trail color itself.


      How do I fix that? I've researched and found that Illustrator can handle multiple strokes but I much rather continue working in inDesign if possible. Is there a way to just "draw" a trail then give it a fill color AND a stroke?

      For now I have made duplicates of the trails in a separate underlying layer, made the stroke all black and increased their width somewhat to give a "stroke effect". But this is a silly approach as this project grows and some trails change over time. I want to be as smart as possible in the beginning, saving time in the future.


      And, sometimes 2 or more trails connect and follow the same path, where this happens I would like to use some kind of dashed lines that display multiple colors for the same path, indicating several MTB trails. Is it possible to make some stroke preset that alternates between several colors?


      Any help/tips regarding the designing of maps is welcome. I'm quite new to inDesign but have spent alot of time in Photoshop making brochures etc.

      I'm trying to add a picture of the design but the forum image uploader greets me with "the image type is forbidden". jpg, gif, both under 100kb aren't working.

      I would link to the picture on my own domain but I'm unsure if that's ok or not here.



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