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    Indesign CC(2015)- Crashing, faulty spellcheck, damaged files, constant saving. Help!


      Hello, hoping for some advice! I'm using Indesign CC(2015), recently updated.


      Problem #1: Before the update, the program was just crashing, SPECIFICALLY  when I tried to use spellcheck but also for other reasons that didn't seem to have specific triggers. After the update, spellcheck finally started to work a bit better, but every single document that happens to be open in other tabs goes to an unsaved state.


      Problem #2: Today, one of my documents was randomly damaged and the notification told me it was a corrupt text frame. It never could recover it, even after telling it to delete that frame. Since I can't get it open at all, I can't re-export or re-save to a different format.  Thankfully it was something I can easily recreate, but I have some major documents that I'm afraid will start doing this. Why do documents suddenly become corrupt? It was a small file, and I had just created it yesterday. This morning it won't open. 


      Problem #3: And something that has been happening just in the last week, since the update, is that documents are opening in an unsaved state immediately upon starting the program. So then I have to save right away. I'm constantly having to save, even if I haven't made changes. 


      Problem #4: The background tasks are always running, and often tell me that there are problems exporting. "There are problems with the background tasks." What are background tasks? Many times, the export will give me a red message that there was an error with the export, and the pdf I was trying to save over (not saving for the first time) will just disappear from the folder it's saved in. In general, after I export, the indesign file then goes to an unsaved state (though I always save a last time before exporting). Why why so many unsaved states?


      **could it be that my computer memory is getting low and programs just don't work as well? I have a syncing program from my office, so I can sync the cloud to my folders but it's a lot of memory.


      These are different problems for one thread, I know. But I feel they all might point to an overall problem and I'm nervous about damaged files or the whole thing just imploding. ;-)  Thanks a lot for taking time to read this and possibly troubleshoot with me.