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    What AMD Graphic Card that suitable and save money now for premiere, lightroom, photoshop, after effect


      Hi, I spend time editing with premiere 2015 with a lot of feature and very good color grading like lumitri

      I'm in love with this version, now I have 1 mac, and 1 pc to switch working, in pc I use CPU like i7 something and I use GTX 660 Ti, but it seem slow for CC 2015

      So I think may be I'm going to upgrade graphic card to another one instead, after I'm searching for system requirement in adobe website, I also found that so many AMD card in the list too


      The question is, Now the AMD product have so much more than in the system requirement list

      System requirements | Adobe Premiere Pro < Is this page have AMD graphic card recommended spec updated?

      Can I buy some card that not in this list but newer than it like  R9 370, 380, 390, 390X ?

      Or if who using AMD graphic card for premiere, please share some experience for me