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    I am trying to scale an image (pdf) which is the only item on a page using a dialog.


      The dialog sez

      var myHorizontalScaleField = percentEditboxes.add({editValue:100});

      var myVerticalScaleField = percentEditboxes.add({editValue:100});


      The scaling is done with

      absoluteHorizontalScale = myHorizontalScale

      absoluteVerticalScale = myVerticalScale;


      That throws an error that things will be positioned outside of the pasteboard seemingly regardless of what value I put in even if I leave it at 100%.


      If I just say

      absoluteHorizontalScale = 95;

      absoluteVerticalScale = 95;


      it works like a champ.


      I tried

      absoluteHorizontalScale = Number(myHorizontalScale);

      just in case, but it made no difference.