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    LR6 will not import images. Have tried from photos on C:, photos on CF card, and photos from  backuo drive. LR6  will find the files and display them but when I press "IMPORT" after a while it says there are no files to import.


      LR6 was working fine. Then one day LR6 would launch , I would get the spalsh screen and then LightRoom (not responding).  Adobe tech worked with my computer and found that my User account had in some way gotten corrupted and  he showed that  LR6 would launch if i logged in as a different user, he set up test user account.  So I set up new used account and although LR does lanch and will find and preview files(raw and jpg) to import when photos are selected it fails to import, saying there are no files to import. 

      Should I delete LR6 and reinstall?  Or is there another work around..?????