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    Why is InDesign asking for fonts that I do not have in my layout?


      All of a sudden, ID CC 2015 is popping up a "Font Request" box that states "InDesign CC needs the font named .HelveticaNeueDeskInterface-Regular-Bold which is either not installed or not activated on your system." Not only do I not have a font of that name on my MBP, but obviously the layout I've built that I'm trying to open does not use said font. When I select "Ignore Request" and click continue, it allows me to open the file. But when I try to save it out as a hi-rez PDF, the pop-up reappears asking this time for "HeiseiMin-W3-83pv-RKSJ-H". I don't even know what that is, never mind specify it in my layout. When I click through this, it pops up 16 more times, asking each time for a different asian-sounding font name. "HeiseiMin-W3" anyone? 16 times! Needless to say, this gets annoying. Anyone know what I may have done to cause this?