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    lightroom forgetting photos in library


      I have Lightroom 5.7.1 and continue to experience a reduced number of photos in my library.  The files are preserved on the hard drive but lightroom forgets that they are there when I open it up.  It began, I believe, after the most recent update.  These images have all been originally imported with lightroom and I don't, to my knowledge, use any other image editing software that might be competing with Lightroom.  I have to first notice that they are missing, which has typically occurred when I plug in my camera and it attempt to re-import photos that I have just imported within the last two months!  I have to then cancel the camera import of new photos, click "synchronize folder" in the lightroom library and re-import the missing files. 

      So far I've re-synchronized my entire photo library, which is on a separate hard drive than my C: drive.  There were a tremendous amount of images that were re-imported from many of the different folders, which are organized by dates as set up by lightroom.  I am running up-to-date Windows 7, 64 bit and the Lightroom is the latest 5.7.1 64 bit.  I do have filters off, so I am not just unable to see the entire library.  I only have the one catalog and have not loaded other catalogs.  I do run the catalog backup and optimization from time to time.


      The metadata for previous edits are then lost.  Why does this keep occurring and how do I fix it?  Anyone else experiencing this?

      Thanks in advance.