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    Problem With Pearson


      Here are my specs:

      -Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit.

      -Firefox 39.0 (Other browsers have similar issue)

      -Most recent Flash Player version: Version





      I'm a student in a college statistics class, and for a good portion of our assignments we are using Pearson's Mystatlab online. Despite being completely up-to-date with Flash Player, a fact that was further verified by this website, I am unable to open any problem in any assignment, and am instead greeted with this message:




      You do not have the most recent version of the Adobe® Flash® Player, which is required to view the content in this course.



      Run Browser Check now to install Flash® and check for other components required for this course.




      I feel as though I have exhausted every conceivable option to get this message to go away so I can do my work. I have contacted Pearson's tech support at my professor's whim, which was an extremely arduous and time-consuming process considering the number of diversions they have thrown at me, including giving me a number for a supposed tech-support line which turned out to be a machine that spat advertisements at me and then hung up. Is this what I payed $95 for? After weeks of frustration I finally got into a chat with a very polite technician from Pearson, who had me try different browsers and different search engines, delete my history, and allow permissions for all of Pearson's scripts- everything that I've already tried. She then resolved to have a "higher level" of tech support contact me later, and they had me restore my browser to its default settings to no avail.


      I am extremely desperate- I have fallen weeks behind on my work and my professor is getting fed up with me. This is a problem that occurs on my computer, not any of the school's, but it isn't an option for me to stay at the school all day to work on this; I need to do it from home. I have heard from another student in my class who is having similar problems, and he hasn't seemed to get them resolved either. Since this problem seems to be surrounding Flash Player, I figured I'd come to Adobe for help while Pearson gives me the run-around.


      In advance, I'd like to apologize if there is an extremely obvious cause to this problem; I'm a little too busy to check every detail, and I can't find any information about this particular issue, anyway.


      ***It may be worth noting that I have used many Pearson mylab/mastering products, mostly mymathlab, and have had no problems using them in the past.






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          piyush2508 Adobe Employee

          Hi danr61238276,


          I see that you need a solution urgently. I recommend using Google Chrome, Flash Player is embedded into the browser installer and is updated with ever chrome release/update.




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            danr61238276 Level 1

            Hi piyush2508,


            Thanks for your concern, and your reply. I've tried other browsers. Chrome has a different issue, the webpage when using Chrome is so plugged up with ads that my assignment won't even load, and I honestly can't even tell whether it has the same problem as it does on Firefox. I've tried downloading add-ons for Chrome to disable some of the ads and popups, but they're not very intuitive and it seems they confuse the website itself with the ads. Do you have any suggestions for that? I haven't used Chrome much lately.


            As for Internet Explorer, well... it has the same problem as Chrome, except it tends to crash before I even manage to get to the intended website.




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              piyush2508 Adobe Employee

              HI Dan,


              I would say first uninstall all Flash Players on your system using our offline uninstaller on Page - Uninstall Flash Player | Windows and the download and install offline Flash Player installer for Mozilla from Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows see if this runs Flash Player on your system, Please also confirm if Flash Player is enabled on Mozilla --> Enable for Firefox


              Please let me know if this helps.




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                danr61238276 Level 1

                Hey piyush,


                Just figured I bring some resolution to the discussion. So Pearson tech support finally resolved the problem. Apparently Adobe had nothing to do with it at all!


                Get this: they told me they found out that mystatlab was displaying the same error message for both Flash Player issues and Realplayer issues. Apparently my problem was having an outdated version of Realplayer, not Flash Player, yet the prompt only mentioned Flash Player. Weird, huh? Pretty awful mistake on the program's part, but Pearson did come through for me in the end.


                I did find it odd that an Adobe product would be causing such problems; I was beginning to fear my system was just too old. Luckily I will be able to work on my statistics now. I really appreciate your contributions though! Thanks for lending me your time.