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    LR5 imports in no order, can't read my camera - HELP


      I just installed Lightroom LR5. When I put on the Imac my Canon EOS5D camera, lightroom does not automatically open to import the photos.

      Altough in the preinstallations I have a hook on "open Lightroom when there is a memorycard". But it doesn't work. Always another program "photos"



      Then when I import the photos, in the preview it shows me the photos with the order from the camera, image IMG10, IMG11, IMG12 etc.

      When I then give them a name to import like anna01 to start with and mark the place where to save them, it imports the pictures but

      without any order, there comes anna30, then anna21, then anna84...... ???????? I do not understand that and like that I can not

      edit my photos professionally like I could in the older version...


      PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!



      THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!