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    Starting Integrated Flex Server errors

    ceetah Level 1
      Hope you can help me with this.. I think I am going crazy after 2 days of research!
      I have Flex 2 Builder installed, I also installed Flex Data Services 2 Server with JRun.
      I followed this tutorial : http://blogs.adobe.com/mtg/2006/08/my_first_hibernate_enabled_fle.html

      anyway.. when I try to start the server.. I get this error:
      20/12 01:46:47 error Could not pre-load servlet: MessageBrokerServlet
      flex.messaging.config.ConfigurationException: channel not found for reference 'cf-dataservice-rtmp' in destination 'cfco

      what is the problem? anybody experienced this? where can I find another tutorial (for dummies) to explain how to start my first hibernate app?
      thank you!