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    Cannot install latest flash -


      I received a notification today that a new Flash was available and that I should install it.

      I went to the Adobe site ( Adobe - Flash Player )  and downloaded both the Firefox and the Internet Explorer download version ( just Flash, not the extras ).

      I tried to install them as I normally do, but both have given me an error message:



      in a 'script error' window:

      ! An Error has occurred in a script on this page

      Line: 202

      Char: 13

      Error: Unable to set property 'innerHTML' of undefined or null reference

      Code: 0

      URL:  <path to flash installer previously downloaded>flash18_ha_install.exe/160


      Do you want to continue running scripts on this page

      <yes> <no>



      Choosing <yes> or <no> and nothing happens, just get a grey install box.


      It doesn't even get to the stage of asking how I want the set up to be, automatic, notify, never.



      My system:

      W7 HP 64 bit with MSE as the AV program. Updated apart from IE ( my choice ).

      Firefox 39

      IE 10

      Flash installed at present:, and its always been manually updated this way in the past

      Flash set to notify of updates.

      AV check says PC is clean.




      I've changed the Flash setting to Auto update and will wait a while to see if that helps, but any other ideas would be nice.

      Any ideas please?



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          Fred950 Level 1

          Not sure how or why, but switching it over to automatic installation in control panel seems to have done the trick. After a while they ( IE and FF ) have both updated to .203.


          Checked in the browsers themselves by going to the Adobe Download and test page and in control panel on the PC.




          BUT I'd be interested to know if anyone has any reasons why this would have occurred? I'd be interested for info.

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            I have the exact same issue.  Have been trying to install flashplayer for a week on Firefox 38; I can't upgrade to 39 yet.  windows 7 64 bit


            also, how exactly did you configure control panel for auto installation

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Fred950 and coolbrze,


              This is the online installer that is displaying blank.  I'd like to get the install log files from you.  Please upload the two files, Adobe_ADM.log and Adobe_GDE.log, located at C:\Users\<YourUserID>\AppData\Local\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs using the instructions How to share a document.  Post the URL to the log file in your reply.


              Please use the offline installer posted at the bottom of the Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows page in the 'Still having problems' section.


              Thank you.




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                Fred950 Level 1


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                  Fred950 Level 1



                  just seen your post.

                  All the info I have is in my first post, and as I said in my answer,  I managed to install the new version by switching to 'auto' update from just 'notify'. The blank grey box did appear to be from the installer, yes.


                  Basically, I was getting the script error when I downloaded the installer and when I switched to auto and waited about one hour it correctly updated by itself.

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                    maria__ Adobe Employee

                    Hi Fred950,


                    I realize the auto update installer worked.  Reason being is because it's a different installer than the one that is returning the script error.  I'd like to get the log files for the online installer, the one returning the script error, so that we can investigate.

                    Also, it's very confusing to keep track of your issue when you post to different discussion topics and replies are posted to different discussion topics.






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                      Hi Fred950,


                      This issue happens when you try to run a Flash Installer of previous version while new version is already updated on the server. If you donwload the latest Flash Player installer from get.adobe.com/flashplayer it will fix the issue for you.



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                        Fred950 Level 1

                        Maria and Anindya,


                        Thanks for the replies, but I don't have a problem now. I installed via auto update and that worked ok. I've left it on Auto for now and its updated to your latest version (209) today.


                        Maria - I don't think I posted I had a problem elsewhere? All I did was posted to tell other people who had reported the same problem that the auto update worked when the installer didn't. Are we not supposed to offer help and solutions to posts?


                        Anindya - If that's the case then your server was in error. I checked the build in control panel and I had the previous flash builds. I went to your download site and downloaded the installers and then ran them straight away. Both FF and IE failed, but the control panel was telling me I had the previous version number installed.

                        I downloaded from your server again and the install failed again. Not sure what I did wrong?


                        Thanks anyway/


                        I'm looking forward to the day when HTML5 rules