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    Script error when trying to install Flash Player 18.



      I get a script error when trying to install Flash Player 18. The error box says "Script error   line 202    Char 13  Unable to set property 'innerHTML' of undefined or null references   code 0   URL C://.../Downloads/flashplayer18ax_ra_install.exe/160" and "undefined" is on the installer screen after I close the error box.  I am using a Dell Inspiron, IE 11.0.9600.17843, Windows 7 Home Premium Svc Pack 1.

      I get this same error box no matter which installer I use for Flash Player 18.  The error box shows up immediately after I start the installer.  I successfully reinstalled flash player 17 two days ago with no problem, but of course Flash Player 17 won't run now on web sites.  I ran the Adobe flash player Uninstaller a couple times in between tries - same result, same script error box.  I have lost count of how many times I have tried to install it and my fingers are getting raw...

      About the same time the error box shows up or a second or so later, my Norton Insight pops up a box that says that Norton doesn’t have enough information about this program (the installer, I suppose), to recommend this program, but I don’t think this is preventing the installer from running.  Or maybe it is?

      This problem seems to be coming from the Flash Player installer, but I see nothing from Adobe about it.  I have tried running it as Administrator, I have disabled various parts of Norton to see if that is where this error is coming from - I have searched for hours on the internet, and I can't find answers.  I have never had a problem updating Flash Player until now.  Can anyone figure this out or point me in the right direction?   Thanks.