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    RichTextEditor Modifications

      Hi everyone.
      I'm really new to flex and actionscript, this is actually my first attempt at using it.

      I want to add a neat little addition to a site I'm working on that I feel will increase the usability by quite a bit.
      I know this can be done with AJAX, but I'm not a big javascript fan.

      Anyways, before I tell the client about the idea, I thought I'd check if it was going to be within my time frame to build it.

      Here's what I'd like to do:
      On this site, users can add text articles(poems, news, novels, thesis papers, etc) which must be formatable.
      What I'd like to do with flex is let them input the text and format it. And have the ability to add something similar to an html anchor tag at certain points in the article.
      Now when another user views the article it will show up in an uneditable format and off to the side of the article with be a list of all the anchors in the article which they can click on to jump to that section of the article.

      For starters the first thing I see that I need to be able to do is take out the httplink button on the RichTextEditor control. The next thing is that I need to add a button to it that would allow them to add an anchor point and set the title for that anchor.

      How difficult would this be for someone with little actionscript experience?
      Also.. what would the best way to grab the anchors out of the text so I can make a list of the anchor points? Would this be easier/efficient in coldfusion before the data is sent to flex, or with AS inside the flex app?

      Thanks for any replies.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          I don't want to be negative, but modifying a control, particularly its visual behavior, without Flash or Flex experience will be a chore.

          Using out-of-the-box functionality to create an application is easy with Flex, but modification of existing controls, while absolutely doable, is not as simple. And the RichTextEditor is a very complex control.

          Be generous with your time estimate here.

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            CtpJack Level 1
            Well that somes up that one. I think I'd still like to display the articles in flex. I'm working on that part right now, but before I get to that.. does the TextArea control ignore tabs(when the user presses the tab key while writing the article in TinyMCE for example) in the text? I noticed that you can't indent code with the RichTextEditor, or at least I couldn't figure it out. And I couldn't find any documentation on this question.