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    Premiere Elements13.1 on Mac: why does narration with USB microphone crash?


      PrE13.1 works fine on my MacBookPro, with one big exception: if I try to add narration to a video using a USB microphone, PrE generally crashes, or sometimes records but with distortion. Narration recording works fine with the built-in microphone of the MacBookPro, so I do have a workaround, but I really wish that I could use a USB microphone, for convenience reasons. (I normally use the MBP with an Apple Display and the MBP cover closed.) An analog microphone is probably not an option, because the MBP does not have an analog audio input connector.


      Q1: why are these crashes happening? USB audio input is a standard feature in modern computers -- it should work with PrE. Am I doing something wrong?

      Q2: Is there any model of USB microphone known to work properly with PrE on either Mac or Windows?