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    Vanishing Alert Icon


      The Quirk:
      I'm using an icon in my ( mx.controls.Alert.show()) Alerts and when playing back the compiled movie the icon shows up just as expected. However, when I load that same '.swf' via a preloader, the icon doesn't show up at all. As a matter of fact the alert window is resized somewhat smaller as if I'd never requested an icon to begin with. Everything else about the Alert seems okay, however ( the title, body text and buttons are as they should be).

      The Conditions:
      If it makes any difference, the icon is a non-animated Movie Clip which simply displays an JPEG from the library. Also the JPEG is a bit large ( 128p x128p). Oh, and I'm running Flash 8 Pro.

      What I've Tried:
      I've already tried deleting the ASO files and recompiling BOTH the target '.swf' AND the preloader many ( many) times. The results are unchanged.

      Any suggestions would be more appreciated than you know.

      Thanks, folks!