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    How to optimize the workflow between LR mobile app and LR on PC (MAC) ?



      for me, the following workflow would be an optimum:


      1. During or immediately after shooting
        • copy pictures from the camera to a mobile device (tablet) in a reduced resolution to LR mobile
          (normally I shoot in jpg not RAW nevertheless the memory of the mobile device is always to small)
        • do  some preliminary editing (pre selection, cropping ...) on the tablet
      2. At home
        • copy pictures from the camera to LR on the PC in full resolution
        • apply (copy) the preliminary edits (done on the tablet) now automatically to the full res images on the PC

      (link between files by filename, time ...)

        • further detailed editing of the high res images on the PC



      • A good/fair preview and preselection of the images on the tablet w/o the need to carry a Laptop
      • no overload of mobile device memory
      • no need of time consuming transfer of high res images over the cloud


      Is it possible to have such a workflow with the available tool?

      Or, if not, what is the way to propose such an idea to Adobe?