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    Can an email address associated with a CC subscription be changed?


      I just spent over  two frustrating hours chatting with no less than five agents.  I was trying to have the email address associated with my CC subscription changed.  Eventually I was told that this absolutely cannot be done.  My only recourse is to cancel the subscription (thereby presumably losing access for the rest of the subscription period) and resubscribe.


      I find it very hard to believe that I'm the only person ever to change an email address during their subscription period.  The problem that I have is that now my CC email address is different from that which I use to log on to adobe.com, so my account at adobe.com shows that I only have access to trial versions of software, although i am happily using both PS and LR CC with no problems.


      The only reason this came up is that in order to renew I have to change my credit card details, so I can't just let things update automatically.


      Has anyone else been to successfully change an email address associated with a CC sub?  And if so, how was it done?



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          Pattie-F Level 7

          Hi Martin,


          Emails for CC cannot actually be changed. You can, however, cancel your subscription and repurchase with a different Email (Adobe ID).

          The cancellation fee is waived in cases where you re-subscribe.


          Please see this link for support with creative cloud payments, accounts, and membership:

          (be sure to log in to adobe.com with your Adobe ID first)






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            martin1237 Level 1

            If this is the case (and I have to accept that it is), why did I spend all that time going round and round with five different support people?  The first one could have told me what the situation is and saved me all that time.  It's really frustrating to me that none of them were/are aware of this simple fact. 


            Secondly, since my subscription is about to expire in two weeks, I think I'll just let that happen and then resubscribe, rather than donate a few weeks of fees to Adobe by cancelling - I need the money more than Adobe does.


            Of course, there remains the basic question - why is a mere change of address impossible?  Seems like a simple bookkeeping exercise to me.