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    Choppy Playback And Render of Imported AVI




      New user of After Effects version here.


      I created a screen-capture AVI using CamStudio with following settings:

      • 640x480 resolution
      • Key frame every 100 frames

      • Capture frame every 40 ms

      • Playback rate: 25 fps

      • Compressor: Microsoft Video 1


      The original AVI plays back fine in ether Windows Media Player or QuickTime. However once the footage is imported in After Effects, it plays back choppy both in After Effects Preview and when exported with Adobe Media Encoder.


      Please help.


      The choppiness looks like wrong frame order. Like lots of constant rewinds and jump forwards.


      After Effects interprets the AVI having 25 frame rate, 640 x 480 (1.00), separate fields: off, remove pulldown: off, square pixels. The Drop Frame setting is grayed out.


      Computer details:

      • Windows 8.1 Pro
      • 32 GB memory

      • Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 processor (HD Graphics P4600)

      • No discrete GPU


      I have read recommendations to turn off OpenGL, but I could not find how to do it. Maybe that is my problem?


      I think something is wonky with key frames. I cannot find anywhere were I can specify how Adobe should interpret key frames on the imported footage.

      I found the following in the documentation: “By default, Adobe Media Encoder automatically determines the key frame interval (key frame distance) to use based on the frame rate of the video clip.“

      What exactly does that mean? If my video is 25 fps, should I re-shoot everything with key frames every 25 frames, or what?



      Thank you