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    Adobe Hue functionality from professional photo


      I love the idea of capturing a LUT  (look) using Adobe Hue. Two things. I am on a trip to Vietnam now and the App Store won't let me download it even though I have a valid US account. Secondly, I would love to be able to apply the Hue Look from a photo I took with my DSLR or even from a capture frame of video. Can I get Hue's capabibiities from an image captured ANYWHERE instead of on a mobile device?

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          bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

          Hi Steve,


          Sorry you are having trouble downloading the app while you are traveling. The App Store has restrictions that may prevent you from downloading while in a different country than the one associated with your iTunes account.

          I want to make sure I understand what you are asking -- are you asking about how to capture a Look from a photo or image you took with a DSLR (or any other camera that isn't your mobile device)?


          To create a Look from a photo you took with your DSLR (or any still image from another source), upload it to your Creative Cloud account to make it accessible to the app. In Adobe Hue, hit the "X" icon to get out of the live camera capture, then tap "+" to create a new Look. Select Creative Cloud and choose the photo you want to bring in (see image below). Adobe Hue will use the color and light information to create a Look.

          Please let me know if I understood your question correctly or if you were asking about a different functionality!



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            shullfish Level 1

            I’m interested in using the FUNCTIONALITY of Hue but using images that are NOT captured from a mobile device, for example a DSLR photo or a still grab from an HD video.

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              bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

              Hi Steve,


              Not sure if you have had a chance to play with Adobe Hue yet, but there are three steps -- capturing a Look from an image, and then previewing the Look on a photo or video in the app, and finally, applying the Look to videos or stills in a project using Premiere Pro, After Effects, or Premiere Clip.


              To capture a Look/LUT from a professional photo, see my response above.


              When it comes to applying a Look to a still image (as opposed to video) there are a couple of options:

              • Use the app to load a preview image with the Look applied, and then save this adjusted image to camera roll. Preview images can only be loaded from the camera roll, so if you captured the image/video with a different camera, upload it to your Creative Cloud account, and use Lightroom Mobile or the Creative Cloud app to save it to your camera roll. Tap the Additional Options icon ("...") to load preview images and videos. To save a still image with the Look applied, tap "..." again and choose "Save Preview to Camera Roll." If you like the way the Look adjusts a video clip, use Premiere Clip to apply the Look and export your video from your mobile device.
              • Export a still from Premiere Pro after applying a Look. Import a video or still into a Premiere Pro project, load your Library to access & apply your Look, and then export the sequence as a still frame/image.
              • Export a .look from Premiere Pro and bring it into Photoshop. Looks captured with Adobe Hue are not currently available in Photoshop, but you can work around this. Export the .look file from Premiere Pro, then import and Apply the Look in Photoshop.


              Here are a few learning resources:



              Hope this helps, please let us know if you need any more support.