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    Canvas html5 | Control timeline with javascript


      Hi there!


      Im doing a canvas/html5 project in Flash Pro CC 2015.
      I have the file with multiple frames (as pages) and I navigate them with buttons placed in the html (not inside the canvas).
      To control timeline, I wrote in the first frame this lines:


      document.getElementById("nav_next").addEventListener('click', nextSlide.bind(this));

      document.getElementById("nav_prev").addEventListener('click', prevSlide.bind(this));

      function nextSlide() {




      function prevSlide() {



      It works fine, the matter is that project grows, and I made a couple other files with diferent canvas who load in the same html (consecutively); and I want to have control of navigation over the whole project (not each canvas separatedly). And I dont know how to do it since I need to use bind(this) to control the file.

      Any help is well received! thanks a lot!