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    Error message: "Adobe Flash Player failed to register"


      This is on a Windows XP SP3 system running IE8 and SeaMonkey (a Firefox derivative). I can update the NPAPI version of Flash Player with no problems, but when I try to manually update the Active-X version I have been getting this error message for months. If I leave the Player with the option to allow Adobe to install updates, it has eventually installed the update successfully several times after a manual update failed, but now my Active-X Player has been on version for a long time and when I look at my Player settings I find the update option has changed from "Allow" to "Notify". I change it back to "Allow" but in a few days it goes back to "Notify".


      I rarely use IE, but I would like to resolve this if possible.


      (BTW, I plan to upgrade my OS to Windows 10 before the end of the year).


      Thanks in advance,