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    Bugs: Transparent PNGs & automatic cropping of feathered edges


      Just installed studio 8 onto my new Macbook Core-Duo. But I'm discovering some issues with fireworks that I didn't have before (with MX 2004 on XP.)

      Firstly, if you blur an object, the resulting bitmap will have hard edges. Fireworks is detecting pixels that are too faint and cropping them out. I couldn't find any way of turning this off in prefs and it creates a very ugly and annoying effect.

      Secondly, I cannot export a transparent png (with different levels of transparancy) like I could in MX 2004, despite every indication the program gives me that I can. This is how the png should look against a dark background, and this is the exported file (it comes out as a white square, so you'll need to view it outside your browser).

      Any help with this issues would be much appreciated!