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    Video audio is extremely low pitch and unintelligible!

    Mathias17 Level 3

      I use:

      Windows 7 x64

      AE CC 2015.0



      Using Bandicam, I recorded an AVI of a gameplay session.

      Video details:

      length - 00:21:48

      dimensions - 1920x1080

      Data rate - 15081 kbps

      Total bitrate: 15273 kbps


      This issue has plagued me for quite some time.


      If I play the raw video recording (that Bandicam created) using Windows Media Player or VLC Player, it's perfect - looks and sounds normal.


      as soon as I import into AE the audio is completely screwed up. Here's a sample I've uploaded just for the sake of this post:


      AE 2015 bad video audio sample - YouTube


      It's noteworthy that the same exact bad audio problem is had if I import the video into Adobe Audition CC 2015.

      So . . . as soon as I try to use Adobe software to edit my videos, the audio gets ruined.


      Please advise!