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    From : gb647825


      From : gb647825

      1. 11.07.2015

      Dear   friends,

      I have 2 KOBO Aura Readers, and I am unable to  transfer  books  from  my Library to the Reader on both of them.

      I am using Adobe digital Editions,

      With   Adobe  Digital Editions, I am unable to Authorise my computer.  Message :

      “ This  computer is Authorized without ID)”.

      Whenever I try to get my computer Authorized by giving my  Adobe  ID  and  password   , I get the message :

      “ Digital   Edition could not connect to the activation Server. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet”.

      Pls   note that my Internet  connection works O.K.

      And when I try co copy a book to the KOBO Reader I Get the message

      “ CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED. No   Permission   to   copy   this book”.

      Is there anybody who can help me ?

      Operating  system  is Windows Vista