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    NEW BUILD..putting it together.. thoughts/comments appreciated...


      Here's as far as Ive gotten with my new build.

      I'm using PPro CC daily (subscription)

      Some After Effects/Photoshop/Illustrator, but not that intensive.

      I use quite a few plug ins (Boris, NewBlueFX, and RedGiant Cosmo, Optical flares, 3D Objects, some others..)

      Windows 7 pro

      I have the Samsung Pro SSD 500g  for the OS and Progs..

      I also have 4 1tb WD blacks used for the storage/cache/media/exports and such..

      I've considered doing a RAID, but at this point Im being lazy and dont want to buy a card to handle it..

      I guess I need a case (big enough to fit the huge noctua cooler)..


      Any thoughts on things I should change or consider?


      Thanks everyone!

      new build.JPG