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    Tablet Samsung T805. SD card pfd files. I can't save the edited changes [Android]


        Hi guys,


        I need really help. I need a lot of documents for working. Normally I need to edit or underline the text. If the documents are saved inside the tablet it's not a problem to urderline and save it.

        The problem is if they are inside the SD card. If I try to underline I recieve a notification that the document is "only view" and if I want to edit it I have to save it in a new duplicate file. IT MAKES ME CRAZY!! Cause I say "yes" it seems like it's saved but if I open again the file in SD card it has not been changed!!!!! And I don't know exactly where is the new file.

         I have no idea what to do, I really try a lot of things. I have so many documents that it's imposible to have it only in the memory of the tablet, cause of that I saved a lot of them in the SD card and even the same files that I was able to edit and save in the tablet I can not do it with the SD card. I am really disappointed.


         Than you folks for all!!