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    How to put a "FPS counter" on the screen/video?


      Hello everyone, I need to make a video for a test in my lab. And I wonder if there is any way to put a "FPS counter" in the video, in the top right corner, for example. What I want is exactly the counter go adding the number of frames.


      A small demonstration of what I need:

      Let's say the duration is 3600 seconds (one hour), in a video with FPS rate in 30. Soon, we will have 3,600 x 30 = 108000 fps (frames Total)


      108000 is the total of frames in the entire video. What I need is to show, in an automatic way, the count of 0 (the beginning of the video) to 108000 (end of video)


      Someone with this knowledge can help me? Thanks in advance.