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    Firefox v35 v38 don't see flash player 18 npapi installed?

    willsmike Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I've been running Firefox v35 for several months, on Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate fully updated. But a week or so ago I noticed that embedded videos wouldn't play, such as at bbc.co.uk/news.  "Flash Player is not installed", Firefox would tell me.


      Repeated attempts to download the install (flash player 18 npapi) seem to install correctly, as far as Windows is concerned (it shows up in Control Panel).  But try as I might, Firefox v35 won't see that it is installed.  Shockwave does not show up on the plugins page; it does not show up when I go to the Adobe test site to try to run the test.


      I just upgraded to firefox v38, with reboots, with uninstall and reinstall of flash player, but... still no flash playing.