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    Two computers 1 library - tge most effective route

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      Apologies if I'm covering ground already travelled.

      I am using lightroom cc

      I have a large photo collection And wish to use 3 computers to access and edit my photos

      Imac on home network

      Mac air out and about

      Dodgy windows pc at work (thankfully not too often)

      At the moment the photos and library are stored on the imac  with a back up to time capsule. In an ideal world I'd be able to access everything on all 3 machines and be able to edit  on all 3 which would be synchronised across machines

      I have the following assets but I'm not sure what the options are

      Dropbox pro so have access to 1tb of storage

      Time capsuLe

      buffalo NAS 1tb

      icloud access


      Im looking for something that is simple and effective and would rather pay a little more for something that works reliably


      Thanks in advance




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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The most reliable way is to have the catalog and all the images on an external hard drive which you can move from one computer to another. Some people have had success with putting the catalog in a dropbox folder. But you really have to be careful. It's easy for the catalog to become corrupted. You have to allow time for a complete update before you try to open things on another computer.


          Since you are trying to use three different computers, I think you will find the best solution will be to put your images and your catalog on an external hard drive. Lightroom is not designed to allow the catalog to be on a network drive. The catalog must be on a hard drive that is local to the computer that is running Lightroom.

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            zoa2010 Level 1

            thanks for your reply.