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    Do I need to convert Prophoto-RGB to sRGB in Lightroom Print module?


      My question is about sending my finished image to my Epson printer via the Lightroom Print Module: When I'm ready to print from Lightroom (after roundtripping-to Photoshop and back) I have a finished image in Prophoto-RGB ready to print. Lightroom controls the printing colors (not the printer). Am I supposed to make a final conversion from ProPhoto-RGB to sRGB in the Lightroom print-module, before sending it to my Epson R3000 printer? If so I can't find how to do it in the Print module.  I have been simply sending the Prophoto-RGB image to the Epson R3000 printer via the Lightroom print module as is (Lightroom manages the colors, not the printer). Am I missing a final conversion to sRGB and just not seeing how to do it via the print module?



      1) I KNOW to let Lightroom and the paper-profile, manage the color, and not let the printer manage it. All of that works very well.

      2) I KNOW if I'm exporting a jpg to the web (not printing) I convert to sRGB in the export dialog.

      3) I properly have my color spaces selected as ProPhoto-RGB in my Lightroom and Photoshop preferences, all works great.

      4) My EIZO monitor is calibrated, I use the proper paper profiles.

      Forgive me if listing these things seem obnoxious, it's not my intent. I find that giving full info is helpful to people who might answer.


      Thanks in advance.