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    Feature Request: Save to CreativeCloud as vector format (svg / ai / draw)

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

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      Feature Request:

      Allow the "Copy Image to Creative Cloud" to save the current illustration as a file that supports editable vector graphics.


      Current Operation:

      Individual Draw projects can:

      Copy Image to Creative Cloud (png)

      Send to Photoshop (png)

      Send to Illustrator (vector)


      Neither individual Draw illustrations nor Draw projects (collection) can be saved as vector files in CreativeCloud.


      Proposed Operation:

      Individual projects could Copy to CreativeCloud as vector file (supported by Illustrator CC only)



      If multiple vector shapes are supported, but layers are not available in this format, it would be better than a flat png.

      If Illustrator CC (current) is the only application that supports the new saved format, it would be better than a flat png.

      If files from https://assets.adobe.com are allowed to be exported as a vector format, it would be better....

      Or something like Project Parfait for CC subscribers only.


      Options for png format would still include (as currently implemented):

      Send to Photoshop




      Save Image

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