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    Lightroom 6.1 freezes when deleting raw files or moving from library module to develop module

    gpc1000 Level 1

      I have Lightroom 6.1. I have a catalog of ~35,000 photos.  With my most recent import of raw files from a Nikon DSLR, I go into develop and edit and try to delete certain files I don't want.  The minute I try to delete a file, the program hangs and doesn't unhang itself until I close the program and reboot.  I have tried the same thing multiple times with different pictures and get the same result most of the time.    Additionally, it will also hang fairly consistently just trying to go into the Develop module after being in the library module.  This is getting to the point of pure frustration because it effectively has eliminated my being able to do anything other than look at imported photos.  Anyone with a similar issue?  I had the same issue with 6.0 just recently.  I have a standard win 8.1 computer with  8 megs of ram.  Have never had an issue with Lightroom and have found it to be a stable program overall until now.  Thanks.  Gary