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    Why does Lightroom 6 not import keywords in XMP from previous versions?


      In previous LR versions from Lightroom (1, Lightroom 2 and mainly Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5) I have made sure that my changes are written to the XMP file on and images.


      This generally allow me to receive a file froms someone else, or send one of my files to someone else, and the edits, keywords, etc will be in the DNG file.


      When importing an images (or folder of images) from a harddrive that has keywords in the XMP DNG file, those keywords are lost during import to Lightroom 6.


      If I export as catalog from a previous version and then import as catalog to Lightroom 6, the keywords are there.


      But the point with XMP should be that edits and keywords are in the file and is not lost.


      So why doesn't Lightroom 6 see and import them?