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    lightroom 6 does not make correct backup

    Bore´s screen Level 1

      I have a few days ago activated Lightroom 6/CC in Creative Cloud. I have used LR 5.7 and LR6 imported the catalog from there and the problemm is now that LR6 does not make correct bacups, made a couple of times, but now only a small folder 176 mt and when I open it opens a window with this text: Lightroom cannot use the Catalog named " Lightroom Catalog" because it is nor writable and cannot be opened. This could be caused By incorrect permissions or because another Lightroom application is using the catalog. You may try to correcy the problem or you may select a different catalog. Quite strange as it made a good backup first but not anymore, whats wrong ? I have not unistalled LR5.7 but it is not activated/in use when I try to open this LR6 backup.