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    Issue with previews refreshing in Lightroom


      Since upgrading to Photoshop CC 15 and Lightroom CC, Lightroom doesn't seem to update edits done in Photoshop without having to close and reload Lightroom. For instance, I've exported an image from LR into CC for editing. I finish my first round of editing and save it back to LR, which creates a new TIF file for me. When I next open LR and go to 'Edit Original' in CC for the same file, do my edits and save back to LR, LR doesn't update the newly saved file, showing a preview only for the last save I did. Only by closing and reopening LR can I get the preview to update to the latest edit. Is anyone else experiencing this or know what can be done to resolve it? I never had this issue until the latest update, before which the previews used to update automatically after editing in CC.