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    Project content not syncing

    Dana Grover

      The project I made in Premiere Clip on my iPhone shows up on my iPad, but there is no content in the iPad project.  The content does not automatically sync.  What am I doing wrong?

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          bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

          Hi Dana,


          Sorry you are having trouble! It is possible that your original project on your iPhone didn't finish syncing. Try these steps:

          • On the iPhone, make sure you are on wifi or enable cellular sync in the app settings.
          • Open the project and confirm that it has finished syncing. There's a circular icon on the top banner that will spin whenever you make changes to indicate that the project is syncing, and you can tap on it to see more information about the status of the sync. The project must be open to sync (it can't sync in the background), and the spinning icon will go away when the project is synced. (If the project is unable to sync due to connectivity issues, you will see a hazard icon instead.)
          • After sync on the original device is complete, open the project on your iPad. Again, make sure you are connected to wifi or have enabled cellular syncing. Your media should start to populate the project.


          Please let us know if you try these steps and are still not seeing your project on your other devices.