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    Lightroom Second Monitor Blurry

    chrispo86 Level 1

      I've been having a problem with Lightroom for at least the past few releases now (it's been going on a while, exactly how long I couldn't tell you) where the image on my second monitor is blurry. I'm using Loupe view in Normal mode and the image just doesn't seem to render sharp. The strange part is, I can click the image to zoom in and it will render at full resolution, and then when I click again to zoom back out, the image will stay tack sharp for a second or two and then it suddenly goes out of focus again. I can actually watch it go from sharp to not sharp after zooming out. The image is fine on my primary monitor.


      Any suggestions?


      I'm currently on Lightroom CC 2015.1 on a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit PC. If I can provide any additional details I'd be happy to.