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    Dynamic-link and use Premiere Pro sequence, which contains an dynamic-linked After Effects composition itself

    jonathanweber Level 1



      I am currently experiencing some difficulties trying to "double"-dynamic-link. In Premiere Pro, I have a sequence for a movie-szene. In this sequence, I am using multiple dynamically linked After Effects compositions (removed light-switches, and stuff like that).


      Now I want to modify this whole sequence with tools from After Effects, so I try to dynamic-link this Premiere Pro sequence to a new After Effects Project. Up to here, everything works fine, but After Effects doesn't allow me to use this linked sequence in a composition. This problem doesn't occure with linked sequences where the sequence does not contain After Effects compositions.


      I fear I already know the answer to this: "double-linking" is not possible? Or am I doing something wrong?


      Help is really apreciated. Thanks in advance!