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    Concern over AdobeFlashPlayer_18_a_install vs AdobeFlashPlayer_18au_a_install




         I'm running Mac OS X and have turned on automatic updates of Flash Player. I'm kind of concerned over the flash player version. I was prompted to download a version few days ago.

      This was AdobeFlashPlayer_18au_a_install of size 674 KB. I installed the version and for some reason the progress window seemed to be fake. Anyways, i ran a scan and things seemed to be fine.


      A few days later, i get another alert to update the player again. The file name seemed to be the same as that of the previous update (AdobeFlashPlayer_18au_a_install). This time the file size was 761 KB.

      I didn't install this version.


         This time i tried downloading the flash player directly from adobe's web site. It was called AdobeFlashPlayer_18_a_install of size 763 KB.

      So, i'm kind of concerned over the inconsistent file sizes and names. Did i get some malware installed?


      - Sam