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    exporting a scene


      I have been enjoying this program and have completed a scene.  I exported it and then tried to import into AE.  It seems to have imported okay as a png sequence but the frame rate seems off.  I switched it to 24 FPS via the "interpret footage" link but that still didn't seem to do it. The audio wav file  won't match up with the animation.  I have tried different frame rates and playing with the audio but no success.  Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?


      many thanks!



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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          The scene in Character was set to 24 fps? If you use the File > Scripts > New Comp from Character Animator Recording script (select the first file in the exported PNG sequence), it should do the import of the PNG sequence and WAV file for you, interpreting the PNG sequence based on the scene's frame rate.


          How much are the video and audio layer durations off by? If playback is fine in Character, make sure there is no virus scanning or backup process running during the export process. Maybe also try temporarily disabling the Camera Input and Microphone Input before exporting to see if that helps.

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            dhgolden Level 1

            Thanks so much Jeff.  Worked like a charm!  This thing is great!