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    Is it possible to set a default folder for the 'open' command?


      I have a couple of templates that I use regularly, which are stored in a particular folder.  When using the "open" command, Indesign CC 2014 would always show the location of the previously opened file, which was great as I only used the "open" command for those few templates.   Otherwise I accessed my non-template files through Finder.


      Indesign CC 2015's "open" command defaults to the last folder in which I saved, meaning that I have to repeatedly go through the file index to find my templates folder whenever I need to use them (which is often).  It would save me a lot of time if there was some way to add my templates as shortcuts on the welcome screen, or failing that, have the open function operate as it did in Indesign CC 2014 (where it defaulted to the location of the last file opened, NOT the last file saved).


      Is there a way to set up the files as shortcuts on the welcome screen, or a way to ensure that the "open" command displays the folder of the last file opened?