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    900 MB's of Raw files on Laptop can you copy a collection to another system?


      Hi, new here. so here goes;  I've done a lot of work on close to 400 photo's (Raw images) on my Macbook pro. I have recently moved from Aperture (and realized how LR is light years ahead). In some cases I will have the Photo's for a particular project on my iMac too and instead of exporting hi rez Jeg's, In a perfect world I'd like to have the "collection" with all of its adjustments live on the imac too and referencing the original Raw files. Is there a way to do this? in Aperture you could export a the album or project out and import it. I've read a bit about doing this with multiple "Catalogs", is that the best or only way to accomplish this? I'm an avid hobbyist with 35k photo's and just really into it, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated .


      PS, I haven't used LR's CC to share the photo's between the systems, I'm still looking into that, maybe that's an option.