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    Having problems installing Flash Player 18 on Windows 7







      I always update Flash Player when prompted, and I am trying to install Flash Player 18 on my Windows 7 PC following a prompt to update it, but I am having problems.




      I click the ‘update’ button and then click ‘run’ when prompted. I then get a message telling me to close some applications, which is not something I’ve ever encountered before; previously the update has just happened. It asks me to close Internet Explorer, which I do, and also to close ‘flashplayer18axau_be_install.’ I don’t know what this is, but I then follow the instructions in the help topic to load Windows Task Manager and find it under ‘Processes.’ This tab then shows me flashplayer18axau_be_install.exe *32’, and I then click to ‘end process’ as the topic says. The installation process then subsequently closes; it looks to me like it wants me to close the update process in order to continue the update process!




      Can you tell me what you think the issue might be here, and how I can resolve it?




      Thanks in advance.