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    Open letter to Adobe

    Gary Gray Level 1

      Dear Adobe,


      I've been a Lightroom user since day one.  Even on my MaPro system, I rejected Aperture for Lightroom and have stayed the course.   Until now.


      First, I am not a Creative Cloud user.  I'm not going to be a Creative Cloud user.  No amount of sales pitches, nudging, coercing or blathering will convince me that is where my business needs to be.  I will never tie my photography to having to have an Internet connection.  I will never allow another business to keep their hand in my pocket while I sleep.


      I recently upgraded from Adobe Lightroom 5.7 to Lightroom 6, stand-alone version.  What I discovered after an solid couple of months of use is that Lightroom 6 is not a real upgrade.  The programs crashes constantly, sometimes ruining an editing session.  It has bugs with sleeping hard drives, doesn't properly export files to a directory with Bridge open, and now it increases my online activity by logging me into the Adobe Store in order to maintain functionality.  Couple that with the fact that Adobe is releasing feature updates to creative cloud version 6 owners and not to stand-alone owners.  Yeah, I've heard the rationalizations for this and I've also heard Adobe executives talk about how they don't really care about customers who don't want to be "cloud customers"  The whole thing feels like coercion and I don't like it.


      The bottom line, after running Adobe LR 6 Stand-alone for about 2 months, I'm reverting back to version 5.7 which is far more stable and far less annoying to use on a day to day basis.  I'll continue to use version 5.7 until I find another photo editing solution that better suits my business needs.


      This isn't sour grapes.  Some times, you just have to cut your losses and live with the results.  The end result is that I'll be looking to a future of photo editing for my photography business  and that future will most likely not include Adobe Lightroom as a product.  I'll continue to use version 5.7 until it becomes impossible to effectively edit images.  My next software for editing will not be an Adobe product.  For the first time in the over 10 years I've been using Adobe products, I feel ripped off.  The stand-alone version of LR 6 is unstable and a rip off, plain and simple.


      If this is the future of Lightroom, count me out.


      Thanks, it's been a fun ride.  Time for me to look for another horse.


      Gary Gray

      Professional Photographer

      Littleton, Colorado