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    5K iMac Issues?

    louruiz Level 1

      Hello, I am in the process of upgrading to a maxed out 5K iMac but wonder if any problems might arise with Creative Cloud? Mostly, AE, C4D Lite, and Premiere Pro. I have read 5K iMac specific questions asked in these forums, but they are also dated a few months back, most with no end solution, so I am a bit concerned since this upgrade would specifically be to improve performance.


      Any feedback would be appreciated before making this purchase.



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Only issues I see in a fully loaded iMac are:

          • PRICE
          • PRICE
          • Only 4-core i7 ( no option for 6 or 8 cores)
          • Only 32 GB DDR3-1600 (no option for faster memory)
          • Only AMD R9 295X video card (no option for nVidia GTX card)
          • Only one disk (no space for three disks)
          • PRICE
          • PRICE


          For the rest no issues. For that price, you can get a very fast expandable Warrior PC that is at least two or three times faster.

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            hbernhard Level 1

            quite silent here.... Some thoughts:


            * Up to 4K footage a maxed out 5K iMac including 4 GB GPU and external 8 disk RAID5/6 (e.g. Areca) would be a solid configuration.

            * If you have higher demands (e.g. lots of of 4k+ footage, excessive After Effects usage) a Mac Pro or a HP Z4xx/Z8xx have more or less the same price


            * The Nvidia performance differentiator "CUDA" is still measurable, but OpenGL is also supported from PPro, AE is not even using CUDA

            * Look more for Workflow-Improvements vs to improve performance: In my case I can now use my external LUT's inside PPro (Lumetri)--> great timesaver

              for 90% of my work!

            * As seen for many years/versions Adobe is goofing around with memory management (e.g. In version CC 2015 image stabilization creates after some time

              a memory leakage) and with audio interface support (PPro CC 2015 creates frequently timeouts even with the fastest audio interfaces --> in my case a

              Apogee Ensemble Audiointerface with 2 ms turnaround time)

            * If you use 3rd party plugins check the prerequisites first, e.g. AE plugin Element 3D V2 supports specifically AMD R9 295X/295X2

            * No suggestions to the PC-route, there are enough experts around, but be aware of possible biased aficionados

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              louruiz Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and ordered:


              I7 4.0

              M295X 4GB

              8 GB of RAM - and ordered a Crucial 32GB Kit

              256 GB of Flash storage, kinda nervous about this decsion, but plan to add externals soon.


              Sounds like it will handle what I'll be throwing at it, and then some! Look forward to receiving it.


              Thanks again.