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    Hidden files

      Since a number of years we have used RoboHelp X3 with which we created all user manuals for our product.

      Three months ago we switched to RoboHelp X5 and noticed some files all of a sudden no longer appear. When we decided to create them again, RoboHelp informed us, they already exist, are hidden and we can import them. The questions are the following:
      • We are these files all of a sudden hidden?
      • How can we verify if there are more files that are now hidden?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          It would help us to know what sort of files you are talking about.

          Are you perhaps talking about topics that no longer show in Project Manager? That sounds like somehow your project has suffered some corruption. Take a look at Tools | Reports | Unused Files. Because those topics are not in RH's database, it should see them in the way Windows Explorer does and report them as unused. Also Broken Links will be a clue.

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            bordeauxbleu Level 1
            That was a very helpful suggestion. I didn't know about this report. When I opened it I found another two files that were hidden. What I still don't understand is how they got there in the first place. But now that I know how to find them back, I am less worried. Thanks for your help.