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    Connect, Join, or Link 11 Points/Circles to a single Line/Path.


      I'm trying to create a line that is .5 pt thick and 50% opacity.  And I'm trying to connect, join, or link 9 point that are 4 pt in diameter equally spaced between 2 points that are 10 pt in diameter located on the end of the line, to the thin line.  Once connected, I'd like to be able to copy and move the line around.  Moving the other copied lines in different directions and lengths.  I'd like to keep the points/circles at the end of the line the same diameter and circular, and keep the points between them the same number, diameter, and also circular. 


      The closest I've come to this is creating two points, placing them and sizing them to 10 pt diameter.  Then creating a line between them .5 pt thick and 50% transparent.  Then copying the line and turing the copy to a 4 pt line with dashes spaced so that there is only 9 points between the end points (or 11 total).  The problem is that once created I can't grab a point and move it around the points distort into ovals (I have turned them into symbols and that at least allows me to select them and revert them back to the symbols original shape) but the line with the dashes louses or gains more points as the length grows shrinks.  The solution to this that I found is to go into the distance between dashes and adjust it until I have 9 between the two larger points.  This gets time consuming when there are hundreds to create and adjust. 


      Any help would be great.


      Thanks in advance.


      What I start with (before copying and moving):

      Screenshot 2015-07-12 23.08.32.png

      What happens when I move it:

      Screenshot 2015-07-12 23.17.33.png

      What I want the copied and moved line (and dots) to like:

      Note: The line on the right had the symbols (big dots) reset after transformation, the line made thiner, and the spacing between the line with dashes had the spaces adjusted so that there are more dashes between the two big dots.

      Screenshot 2015-07-12 23.29.32.png