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    Pantone+ Color Bridge swatches won't show up at seperation preview and export to PDF (InDesign)

    dieuw Level 1



      Exporting the PDF to print business cards, showed that the Pantone Color Bridge colors aren't pantone colors. Only CMYK shows up.

      The colors won't be displayed at seperation preview:

      Schermafbeelding 2015-07-09 om 16.53.25.png

      Pantone Solid colors do.


      Reïnstall of Pantone Color Manager and exporting to InDesign didn't work.


      Is anyone familiar with this problem? The Adobe Support team couldn't solve the problem jet.


      Should i change settings?


      Pantone says: "The PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE libraries are fully supported in PANTONE Color Manager, and should be exported in CMYK space,s since these libraries represent the CMYK simulations for the PANTONE solid colors; in the physical PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guides these would be the colors on the right-hand side."

      Is the CMYK space the problem?


      Thanks in advance.