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    Flash export from InDesign does no longer show flv videos?

    AWE Schaffhausen Level 1

      Since some years i am using InDesign for creating e-Learning stuff in flash-format. Since FLV and F4V exports are no longer maintained in Media Encoder, i feel some other changes regarding video-sequences in Flash Player.


      Everytime i export a file including Flash Videos, the player (on my Mac) does not show them. As our client does have the same problems on his (Windows-) PC now, i am looking for a way to solve this circumstance.


      My Google-research did not show any useful information about this fact - so i want to ask you: is it really true, that flv and f4v are no longer working in flash-player (so, do i really have to convert all video-content to MP4)? or is it only me, who is making something wrong while exporting Flash-Files containing videos from InDesign?


      Any help is highly appreciated!