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    Many things I'm not getting...Help Please.

    incubox Level 1
      Okay, after spending hours getting the audio to work, I'm now very baffled by a few things:

      1) Why doesn't Captivate record ALL of my mouse movements? I've been recording some test movies, and when I go to edit mode, only a portion of the mouse movements are there, and it's always at the end of the timeline. For example, I moved the mouse all over the pages, but it only recorded one "stroke."

      2) Why does Captivate chop my recording into slides of random length?

      3) When I preview slides, there is no audio.

      I'm using the trial version as I'm considering purchasing, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself that this is the application to use. I'm also trying Camtasia, but the audio levels are so low (and it crashes) that I keep coming back to Captivate. Ugh. Deadline's approaching...

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Geoff

          For starters, maybe my little demo will aid with a bit of this. Click here to watch the demo

          As far as previewing audio, are you using the Spacebar or F3 or clicking Preview > Play this slide or File > Preview > Play this slide to watch the preview? If so, it's quite possible you have managed to click the little speaker icon to mute the audio during this method of preview. If you look between the Timeline and the Edit area on the left side, you see a tiny little speaker icon. If it's muted, there are no lines or dots on the icon.

          Another thing that may be vexing you is found in the recording options. Click Options > Recording Options... and look at the Recording Options tab. Look at the last option. It is labeled: Record actions in real time. If this is selected and you wait 15 seconds before clicking an object or moving the mouse, that time is then factored into the recording process and the slide will then be 15 seconds or so long.

          Cheers... Rick